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Foot Treatments

Below is a brief overview of the most common treatments designed in a cost and time effective manner by our expert podiatrists. For a more detailed explanation of each treatment program, click the read more hyperlinks.

If you require treatment and aren’t sure if these treatments can help you, don’t worry – we can design a program that’s right for you. Feel free to ask one of our trained podiatrists a question or call 03 9781 5177 to schedule an appointment.

Diabetic Foot Care

People suffering from Diabetes are at high risk of developing serious secondary complications with their feet such as foot ulcers, numbness, burning pain and infections. Read More >>

Kids’ Feet

Developing from childhood through adulthood is generally not without its obstacles and feet are unfortunately no exception. As a child develops there are unique forces and stresses going through the body. Read More >>

Nail Care

Professional care of your toe nails is a service most people never imagine they will need. But as hips and knees become more arthritic and vision becomes blurrier this important personal hygiene routine can no longer be taken for granted. Read More >>


We ensure that we use the right orthotic for your situation. When our podiatrists design a treatment program using orthotics there are three key factors we keep in mind: pain relief, comfort and cost. Read More >>

Sports Injuries

Athletes place unique levels of stress on their feet during competition and training. Understanding these demands is an essential part of developing a successful treatment program. Read More >>

Work Injury Management

The work place is a common site for people to suffer a foot injury. Our podiatrists can assess your work place injury and provide you and your employer with a comprehensive plan to get you pain free and back at work. Read More >>