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Orthotic Design and Fitting

When our podiatrists design a treatment program using orthotics there are three key factors we keep in mind: pain relief, comfort and cost.

For an orthotic to work long term it should relieve your pain while being comfortable enough to wear every day.

We also believe that foot care and orthotics should be affordable and accessible for all people.

At Frankston Podiatry we understand the need to keep health care costs within reach for all people. So we not only design and fit the right orthotic for you but also the one that best fits your financial circumstances.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are intended to correct an abnormal walking pattern or offload a specific structure within the foot or body.

Orthotics make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient by reducing or spreading the load(weight) more evenly though your foot. Once the loading has been reduced  to a normal level the damaged structures are given an opportunity to recover.

What type of orthotics do we use?

There are many different types of orthotics, including soft, hard, flexible, rigid, orthotic photosprefabricated, semi custom made and custom made. There is no one orthotic that will work for everyone and the right orthotic very much depends on the situation.

During your consultation your podiatrist will review your foot type, lifestyle and shoe wear to determine what is the most appropriate orthotic for you.


Do orthotics work?

Yes they do, study after study have shown that foot orthotics are consistently successful in the treatment of foot and leg pain. Like all treatments including frequently used medications there is a small percentage of people who do not get a successful outcome. The benefit of seeing an experienced health practitioner is that they understand what is required to increase your chance at success.

At Frankston Podiatry we will not prescribe you foot orthotics if we are not satisfied you meet the criteria (no guesswork) for a successful outcome.

Still not convinced! Take a look at the latest Cochrane study.