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Diabetic Foot Care

People suffering from Diabetes are at high risk of developing serious secondary complications with their feet such as foot ulcers, numbness, burning pain and infections.

However the risk of complications is significantly reduced just by visiting your podiatrist regularly.

At Frankston Podiatry we will assess your risk status and provide you with the information required to manage your feet.

Prevention is the best way to protect yourself from serious complications and ensure your diabetes doesn’t limit your health and mobility.

One of the most common misconceptions about diabetes and podiatry is that you only need to go once you have a problem. This couldn’t be further from the truth – once a problem is noticed it is a sign that permanent damage may have already occurred.

It may be possible to reverse some of this damage but it is always more effective to take action early and prevent the damage from occurring.

To read up more on the benefits on diabetic foot care please go to a reliable source. See below.